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Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time focused on sourcing the best quality green beans to ensure the ongoing consistency of our Unique Blend. While the roasting method is important, fantastic quality green beans are essential for a great tasting coffee.


We select specialty 'A' grade Arabica beans sourced from Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Guatemala to ensure the best aroma, colour and flavour profile in our blend.   


Micro or small-batch roasting allows us to be intimately involved in every roasting batch to guarantee you're getting the best quality and freshest cup of coffee possible for your customers, while at the same time still enabling us to meet the supply needs of even the busiest cafes.


There are no big industrial roasting machines controlling our roasting process. Our head roaster Sam Ros monitors every batch that passes through our 15kg Turkish YÜCEL craft roasting machine, manually logging every minute of the roast and controlling and monitoring the entire process from start to finish. This ensures our specially-crafted roast profile is of the highest quality and consistency every time. 

777 Espresso Coffee Blend - 1Kg

  • Our micro-roasting hand-crafted style is designed to produce our high quality blend: one that is full bodied, with an intense flavour and has a high level of drinkability. By drinkability, we mean that your customers will drink a whole cup and then want another.

    We also perform weekly quality checks and assessments to ensure that the taste of our unique blend remains consistent over time.

  • Once coffee is roasted, no amount of vacuum-packing can prevent it from beginning to degrade within 10 - 14 days. That is why we roast our coffee in small batches up to twice a week, and dispatch customer orders promptly. We want to make sure that your coffee is fresh and flavoursome by delivering it to you in good time.

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