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Inspired by the graceful curves of the sixth planet in our solar system, Saturno embodies the future of coffee machines, emerging as the pinnacle of Cime sustainability project. This extraordinary creation embodies unparalleled performance, setting itself apart from thecompetition and leading a revolution in energy efficiency. Guided by the principles of the circular economy and eco design, Saturno marks a crucial milestone in reducing energy consumption.

The Saturno project harmoniously blends futuristic dynamism, robust construction, and cutting-edge technology, guided by the artistry skilled gestures. This innovative endeavor unites the art of skillful coffee preparation with functional brilliance, ergonomic intelligence, and commitment to environmental sustainability. These features perfectly align with our well-known trademark of ease of use and maintenance.


The Cime multiboiler system guarantees impeccable temperature control, facilitating simultaneous coffee and steam delivery, while Cime brewing group guarantees exceptional thermal stability, enabling precise and uniform extraction. Programmed electronic dosing, elevates coffee extraction to new standards of precision.

Saturno boasts an intelligent shutdown function that adapts to user patterns, reducing waste and saving energy significantly. The machine automatically switches off when not in use, optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing its environmental impact. In its design phase, a thorough life cycle analysis was conducted, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

Saturno offers unparalleled value and extraordinary performance, making it the ultimate choice for espresso pioneers.

SATURNO_Black & Yellow_FRONT.jpg
Peak Performance

Maximum performance under any working conditions, even during stressful periods, thanks to the innovative Cime Multiboiler system. This system comprises independent steam and coffee circuits, ensuring the best possible cup quality.

Superior Thermal Stability

Impeccable thermal consistency in every use scenario, thanks to the Cime Multiboiler system combined with Cime brewing group.

Intuitive User Control

User-friendly 3.2-inch digital multifunction display to adjust volume settings, draw time, and temperature for maximum control and customization. Programmable prebrewing profiles to craft desired tailored profiles.

Smart Technical Support

The 3.2-inch display not only alerts users about potential issues but also offers specific guidance for maintenance technicians to address any problems effectively.

Optimized Pre-infusion

The CIME dispensing unit allows for superior mechanical pre-infusion, extracting aromatic substances to achieve an excellent cup of coffee.

Revolutionary Energy Efficiency

Up to 40% energy savings achieved through insulated boilers and intelligent energy management through Auto-on, Auto-off, and Day-off functions, allowing to program on-off timers for specific days or daily intervals.

Precision redifined

The multiboiler system allows flawless temperature regulation for each individual boiler, ensuring optimal dispensing conditions for any type of coffee blend, enabling simultaneous brewing and steaming like never before.

Comprehensive Functionality

Multifunction touchscreen display to manage individual boiler temperature and precise control over coffee extraction parameters.

The Power of Automation

Programmable electronic dosing to set to power on and off, delivering both efficienty and ease.

Programmable Maintenance

Self-diagnostics, statistical data, and scheduled maintenance options, with the flexibility to program based on liters or the number of coffees dispensed.

Sustainable Solutions

Early machine shutdown, reducing total energy loss by anticipating downtime.

Eco mode to further save on energy consumption. Ready for use mode to selectively shut down one boiler.

Enhanced Visibility

The work area is brilliantly lit with energy-efficient LED lighting, ensuring excellent visibility for baristas, allowing them to keep a close eye on machine activity and contributing to the inviting atmosphere.

Masterful Control

User-friendly PID control system to precisely adjust temperature.

Effortless Cleaning

The purge function, activated with a simple button press, dispenses a customizable amount of water to keep the group consistently clean before each use.

Safety Reinvented

Cool-touch, aisi 316 stainless-steel steam wands prioritize user safety while delivering outstanding steam performance. The 12 mm diameter ensures a high steam flow rate for
optimal efficiency.

Customizable Infusion

Instant mixing of fresh water and steam for teas allows the users to adjust the temperature according to their preferences.

Electronic Self-Leveling

The boiler’s filling level is automatically monitored and maintained through an electronic level probe, ensuring proper operation at all times.

Automated Cleaning

The automatic cleaning cycle takes care of the brew groups,ensuring hygienic and hassle-free maintenance.

Precision Steam Control

The control system for steam production and dispensing offers high manual sensitivity, allowing baristas to have complete control over the steaming process.

Autonomous Cup Programming

Tailored doses in the cup can be set through the autonomous programming feature, providing convenience and efficiency.

Reliable Volumetric Pump

The volumetric pump maintains a constant pressure even with simultaneous use of multiple functions and groups.

Emergency Control

An emergency button is incorporated to guarantee full machine control in the event of interface malfunction, ensuring safety at all times.

Accurate Dosing

High-performance volumetric counters enable precise and consistent dosing in each cup, ensuring a reliable and satisfying beverage experience.

Enhanced Visibility

Quick access to internal parts simplifies technical assistance and maintenance procedures.

Optional Cup Warmer

An optional cup warmer ensures that your cups are always at the optimal temperature, regardless of various climatic and environmental conditions.

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